Engelsrufer Heaven’s Tear Grey Stardust Sound Ball Pendant


Engelsrufer Heaven’s Tear Grey Stardust Sound Ball Pendant

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The tear of heaven a very harmonious piece of jewelry. The curved leaves are dynamic and surround a sound ball in pearl colour that can be changed. The highlight is the grey star dust that surrounds the pendant. It lends a magic sparkle to the tear of heaven and let it shine like a little star. Slightly swinging the pendant will evoke a gentle sound calling your personal guardian angel. The pendant is made of 925 sterling silver. It has a rhodium-plated surface that protects it against tarnishing and provides wearing comfort.

…as a symbol of peace and clarity.
The bad experiences peel off the outer edge.
The good memories are kept save inside the Tear of Heaven to bring balance and harmony in one’s life.

Material: 925 Sterling silver rhodium plated, Enamel dust grey

Size: 28 mm

Sound ball: pearl, S 14 mm


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